How to find a good book store

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Here, we’re going to help you find the best bookstore in your area, based on reviews and customer feedback.

We’ll be looking for the following criteria: 1.

Location and location location location 2.

Price price price price 3.

People people people 4.

Good reviews good reviews 5.

Good customer service good customer service 6.

Good staff good staff 7.

Good atmosphere atmosphere atmosphere 8.

A good layout layout layout 9.

An interesting decor decor decor 10.

A great selection of books good selection of book good books 11.

An exciting selection of titles exciting titles 12.

A friendly and knowledgeable staff friendly and informative staff 13.

A well curated and curated catalog good catalog 14.

A staff that cares about their customers great staff 15.

A knowledgeable customer service knowledgeable customer support 16.

A community of book lovers book lovers 17.

A bookstore that has great reviews book lovers