Missouri’s ‘Great Lakes Booksellers’ Group to Close by 2019

A group of Missouri’s “Great Lakes Books” will close its doors for good by 2019.

The Great Lakes Bookstore Group announced the decision on Monday, announcing that it was shutting down in 2018.

The group, founded in 2013, is based in Kansas City and had been a fixture at the bookstore for more than 25 years.

The group said in a news release that the bookstore would close at the end of 2019.

“The decision was made to ensure that the Great Lakes group has the space to support its mission and the ongoing work that it does to enrich the lives of people in Kansas and the surrounding areas,” the statement said.

The announcement came a day after a news conference in which Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announced a lawsuit to shut down the group, saying the group had violated state law and the Constitution.

The lawsuit accuses the group of using tax-exempt status to collect rent and to obtain nonprofit status.