How to Change Your Bookstore Experience

Nsu bookstore in Cambridge is going through a transformation, and the owner is planning to sell the place.

The store, named Harriet’s Bookstore, was the home of Nsu’s original bookstore and was located on the corner of Stonybrook Road and Ransom Street.

It closed in 2013, but Nsu was able to get the bookstore back up and running and reopen as Harriet’s last stop.

A new bookstore and cafe have been built at the former location, with the bookstore owner hoping to open it in 2018.

Harriet’s Bookshop will be in the same building as Nsu and the Nsu Bookstore cafe will be across the street.

Harriet was named the Cambridge’s Bookseller of the Year in 2016, and it was featured in the Boston Magazine.

It was also featured in a Boston Magazine article that spoke about the importance of bookstores in Cambridge.

It’s not known what the new store will look like, but it’s planned to have an entrance at the rear of the building, along with seating for about 30 people.

Harold B. Lee, the owner of Nus, was a resident of Cambridge for more than half a century and the shop was named for him.

He is survived by his wife, Rosemary Lee, and three daughters, Ashley, Tiffany, and Caroline.

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