A Book of Stories, Stories of Our Lives: Harriet Tubman’s Letters to Her Children

Harriet Tubmans letters to her children have been collected in the first volume of her children’s book, A Book Of Stories.

A book of the letters was published in 1859 by Harper’s Weekly.

A year later, the collection of letters was reprinted by the Scribner family in 1875.

Tubmans children have long been fascinated by the lives of her eight children and aunts, and the book tells their stories, with a focus on the life of Tubman, the first African-American to run for president.

“The letter collection is a treasure of letters, and I hope the reader will not only read but also think,” the author of the book, Harriet Tubms granddaughter, Katherine Jackson, said in a statement.

“I hope this book will bring the children to Harriet’s side.”

A book about Tubman is a big deal for the family.

The family’s first children’s author, Dorothy Bennett, died in 1857, and Tubmans daughter, Lucy, also died in that year.

But Tubmans son, David, wrote a series of letters to the children in the years after Bennett’s death, including one to Tubmans grandson, Frederick, who died in 1862.

Tubman died in 1924, at age 85.

A collection of Tubmans own letters has been published as well, with each letter having been written by the author and read by the children, according to the publisher.

The book will be available on Aug. 30 from the University of California Press, with the book of letters first published in the early 1980s.

The first volume also includes photographs of Tubas children and their relatives, and interviews with some of the family’s surviving members.

The publication comes as Tubmans political legacy continues to grow.

Tubist, who led the Union in the Civil War, is credited with saving the lives in 1862 of hundreds of enslaved people.

She and Tubman were both imprisoned for treason and were executed by Union troops.

The Civil War and slavery are both still deeply ingrained in the lives and politics of Americans, as is the role of women and the family in American life.

The books focus on Tubman as a young woman, who rose to become the first female U.S. president and then served as a political leader in her lifetime.

In her letters, Tubmans daughters wrote about her time in the White House and how it influenced them.

“She did not take up the role lightly and did not expect to become president,” said Jackson, the author.

“We knew that she had some political ambitions and we wanted to get to know her better.

We also wanted to know what her life was like, and we thought that the book would provide some insight into her life.”

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