I’m an Illini Union Bookseller

An article by Polygon, written by a member of the Illinois Union Bookstore community.

The article is in response to an email from a member who was wondering why an Illinis bookseller was not in attendance during the Illini-UW game between the Illinos and UW.

The email was sent to the Illinis store manager.

The manager responded that there was no book for sale and suggested a book was available that was “not as good as the others on the shelf” and that she would have to ask the store to sell it to him.

This was a valid and honest response, but the Illinois Union Bookshop does not sell books and there are no members who are members of the Illinas union.

The union bookstore does not own or operate a bookstore and does not have the power to make decisions that affect members of its membership.

Illini bookstores have members who work as part of the bookstore’s management team.

This is not a situation where a union member can’t get a book from the Illis, the union, or the manager.

This situation is a case of a member being unable to get a copy of a book without risking being denied service, having to pay to have the book returned, or being charged more for the book than other members of their community, because the union bookstore doesn’t own or control the store.

If you are not a member, you can help by helping us organize.

The Illini are currently working to bring an end to the union-run bookstore system.

If we can make the union system run better, we can also improve the services for members of our community.

This effort has started with the announcement by the union of a new program that would make it easier for people who need help finding a copy or for people to make a donation to help them pay for the books they need.

This would allow us to have a much larger and more inclusive inventory of books, more of which would be sold locally.

The first step to achieving that goal would be to allow the Illiks to choose their own store manager, but we need your help to make sure this happens.

If your Illini store manager is not in your store, you have a great option: contact the union and find a member willing to run the store for you.

If the union is not willing to hire someone locally, you should contact your local union and see what you can do to try to get the Illinis store manager to do something about it.

For more information about how to help the Illineus union, see the Illina Union Book Store page.

You can contact the Illines union store manager directly by phone at 217-333-8999.

You may also contact the ILIS office in Champaign at 217.333.5200.

The ILIS is an independent, not-for-profit corporation that operates independently of state, county, or city government.

Its mission is to provide an equitable distribution of services and information in Illinois and to promote mutual aid and cooperation among communities and to maintain a level playing field for all.

For questions about ILIS activities, including our membership policies, contact the Illinois State Office of the Secretary of State at 217/333-6700.