What you need to know about the CCC’s new store opening in Brooklyn

Books, books, books in Brooklyn.

We have it all.

We are proud to say that we are the official online home of The CCC Bookstore.

The CCTC (Children’s Book and Culture Center of America) has a proud history of publishing and promoting books in America.

Over the years, we have helped raise more than $50 million for children’s charities, and the books we sell in our store are donated to some of the most important and beloved programs in children’s lives, including the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, the International Rescue Committee, the National Endowment for Children, and countless other children’s causes.

We love books, and we want you to too.

This is a special place.

This building is the CCT’s home.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming community.

We invite you to learn more about us and the history of the CctC, and how you can join us in our mission.

For information about The Cctc, visit www.thecctc.org.