What we learned from the Raiders-Bears game

The Oakland Raiders and the Chicago Bears have played one more time than the last two in Oakland.

So let’s take a look at how the teams fared from Week 5 through Week 6.


The Raiders had two defensive touchdowns, including a touchdown on their opening drive, and only one turnover in their first four drives of the season.

They have had six consecutive turnovers in the past three games.

They’ve had six interceptions in their past three losses.


The Bears had four defensive touchdowns and one turnover during their three-game winning streak against the Raiders.

The other three were from defensive touchdowns.


The Chiefs defense was dominant on the opening drive of the game, holding the Raiders to one rushing touchdown and two rushing yards on their first possession.

The Broncos also scored on their second play from scrimmage to take a 7-0 lead.


The Seahawks led the NFL with two interceptions on the Raiders opening drive.

They gave up three rushing touchdowns and zero completions on the ensuing drive.

The two quarterbacks were Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.


The Bills had six sacks on the first drive of their win over the Raiders, including four sacks by Derek Carr and three by Derek Wolfe.


The Jets scored on the second drive of overtime, taking a 24-7 lead.


The Colts scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter of their victory over the Cowboys, tying the franchise record.


The Chargers scored on Carson Palmer’s first pass from scrimmage, tying his career-high.


The Browns led 20-0 at halftime when they took a 14-0 halftime lead with a TD run by Austin Davis.


The Falcons scored on a field goal attempt by Matt Ryan in overtime to take the lead.


The Saints led 17-14 with one minute left in the third quarter, when the Texans had their own scoring drive.


The Titans had a pair of scoring drives of their own in the first half.

They scored on third down, on a 4-yard run by Marcus Mariota and a 1-yard touchdown run by DeMarco Murray.


The Dolphins led 17.3-3 with three minutes left in their game against the Jaguars when they scored on an eight-yard punt return.


The Jaguars had a fourth-quarter score on a pass play and were down by seven with three seconds remaining.

The clock ran out on the fourth down play, but it was the right play for the Jaguars.


The Eagles scored on one play from their 20-yard line with 10 seconds left in a 28-23 victory over Oakland.


The Cowboys had a touchdown and a first down run in the second quarter to take control of the AFC South and the division race.


The Cardinals had two sacks and a fumble recovery on their opener, including one on Dez Bryant.


The Patriots had three sacks on Oakland’s first drive and two sacks on their next two drives, including two sacks by Dion Lewis.


The 49ers had two interceptions and one sack on their debut against the Titans, with one thrown on the game-winning drive.


The Panthers had a sack in the opening quarter of the Raiders’ victory over Denver, but their offensive line was the difference.

They had five tackles for loss, two sacks, two fumble recoveries and two forced fumbles in their victory.