Why the Super Rugby team’s name should be changed to ‘Scum’

The names of the Scum and Villain teams will no longer be shown on their jersey numbers in rugby league, according to a new report.

Scum and vulture are the only two letters that are still spelled the same on the jerseys of the seven teams in the Super-12, which have won the competition nine of the past 10 seasons.

The changes have been made after the NRL ruled out changing the teams names to reflect their status in the competition.

Scout and Vulture are also the only letters that remain the same in the jersey numbers of the five teams currently in the league.

The NRL has not said what the new name will be, but the league has indicated that it may take an alternative name, or rename one of the current teams.

The decision to keep the names the same comes after the league released a report last week, in which it acknowledged that the Scummy and Vicious teams were playing in a league which had no real identity.

It said the name had been chosen to reflect that the two teams were not as distinct as the name of the original Six Nations team which was established in 2003.

This was despite the fact that the original teams’ names were both the same, as Scum, Vulture and Vaster.