How to Find a Bookstore Near You

There are plenty of bookstores and coffee shops near you in Wyoming. 

But if you’re looking for something a little more unique, there’s one you might not know about. 

You’ve probably never heard of it: The Bully-Burr Bookstore. 

The shop opened in 2016 and was named for the infamous, infamous bully-burr. 

According to Wikipedia, “In a posthumous memoir, the bookseller, George Burr, wrote that a boy named Bully was bullying his teacher at a school.

The bully had a bully’s temperament, which Burr described as ‘the most ruthless and merciless temper in the whole universe.'” 

“A boy was called up to the school to help Bully, who was suffering from bullying.

Bully’s teacher, Mr. Bunkley, came to the rescue, and in doing so saved the boy from the bully’s wrath,” Wikipedia says. 

“Bully’s bully was a young man named Robert, who had recently left the school after his own father died.

Bockley’s teacher also saved Robert’s life, which was what led Bully to bully Bockly.”

The story goes that the bully was upset because Robert had called his father an asshole. 

Bully was taken to the hospital, where he told the doctors he was sorry and would never bully Robert again. 

Robert was diagnosed with autism, and the bully had no idea what that meant. 

At the time, he was only 15 years old. 

It was a long time ago, but he is still remembered as a hero for his bravery. 

In 2018, the bully died and his name was finally removed from the bookshelf. 

For a little extra cash, you can still buy the Bully Burr Bookshop. 

And now, you might find yourself thinking, what is a Bully Burger? 

For some, it’s a breakfast-sized version of a beef patty, and for others, it might be a burger stuffed with onions, peppers, cheese, and a fried egg. 

Just don’t confuse the two. 

There are Bully burgers, Bully burr burgers, and Bully burger burr burrburrburrs. 

 And for those who want a more traditional burger, a BULLY BURGER is a fried pork bun with a side of onion rings and a side salad. 

This might not be the best of options, but it sure is satisfying. 

A BULLYS BURGER might just be what you’re searching for in the Big Sky State.

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