I’m in the news for posting an

about Borders & COBIS.

article I have written an article for the Huffington Post about Borders and their new digital bookstores.

Here’s what I wrote: As a longtime Borders customer, I’ve been disappointed in the quality of their new store.

The new store is just plain ugly.

It’s the same old boring and boring, as if Borders had been designed and built to look like the old store.

Borders is just a boring old store with ugly signs and the same outdated furniture.

Borders is just an old bookstore, as though they were just refurbished to look a little different.

If they had a new location, the old location would be just as boring.

When I was a kid growing up in the ’90s, Borders was the kind of store that made me want to buy all of my books.

That store was the place where I would pick up my books and go.

Borders was a place where books made you feel good.

I loved that store.

It was the closest thing to a family member, the kind where you could sit in the back and say “I’ll have you in the fold, buddy” when you picked up a new book.

But over the past decade, Borders has been slowly turning away from that place, and instead, the store has become the opposite.

Borders isn’t the kind that makes you feel happy or even at ease.

Its like Borders has become a bookstore where everything is cheap, and the books are terrible.

I can’t imagine anyone really enjoying the books anymore.

Borders stores are just depressing, boring, and empty.

You’ll see more of this kind of thing in my new book, A Guide to Bookshops, which is a collection of advice on how to shop a bookstore.

Check out my article for more on the story: https://huffingtonpost.com/james-davies/borderlands-books-new-digital-bookstores-paul-cobble-bookstore-stores-borders-cabell-mueller-peter-dixon-book-shops-bobbie-shelton-books-bibb-dave-powell-february-2018-article-c6f1b6c9-8f0b-5b8b-b0d6e9f7a7b1-sport-sports-basketball-basketball_us_1_1664890170_2.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm=twitter And here’s a preview of the book: https:/ /blog.huff.com/?p=208516&utm

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