When the President Gets the Books: A Memoir

The memoir of the first woman elected to Congress, who went on to become one of the most powerful members of the U.S. Congress, will be released on Friday.

Melissa McElhaney’s memoir, published in the fall of 2016, will include excerpts from interviews she conducted with many of her constituents.

In her memoir, McElHaney said she has had a lifelong dream to be a writer.

She also wrote a story about how she came to the realization that she is a lesbian, and how she decided to go public with her sexuality in the hope of changing the culture.

The memoir, titled What’s Next?

(and other titles) and available in paperback, will appear on Friday, according to a release from the publisher, Penguin Random House.

McElhane, 54, who is from New York, said she had been writing about her experience growing up as a child in the city of New Jersey, which is home to the first gay-friendly city in the United States.

I’ve always wanted to write about how my life has changed.

I’ve always had a dream to write a memoir.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been in a privileged position.

I have the privilege to be part of the history of LGBTQ people in the country, and I am fortunate to be the first openly gay person elected to the United Nations, a member of the House of Representatives, a former United Nations ambassador and a member the National Academy of Sciences, among many other things, all of which are extraordinary things.

McElHane has spoken at rallies, attended fundraisers and met with celebrities, including Kate Upton and Mark Ruffalo.

In the book, McIlhaney said her first love was theater and she found herself hooked on writing in the mid-1990s.

She wrote a screenplay called The New Woman in 1999, but it was cancelled when she found out she was pregnant.

In 2010, she and her husband, Joe, had a son.

“I knew I had to get this memoir out, and it was just as I expected,” she said.

It was only when I began writing that I realized I had something special.

It was like I was the first one who really understood that I was a lesbian.

I knew I was not a man.

I was different.

And I was lucky to have this opportunity to write this memoir, because I knew that it would be a huge statement, not just for me but for my community as well.

McIlhane said her memoir will explore the experiences of her first year in Congress, and the struggles of the LGBTQ community.

It will include accounts from her interactions with constituents, as well as the stories she shared about her own experiences in the House.

It’s a story of courage and resilience, she said, and she is looking forward to sharing it with the people who love her most.

This is a book that is going to give people a chance to talk about the things that they’ve been through, and what I’ve learned about myself and my identity.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is that the first question that people have always asked me, and that’s what I think about every day, is ‘Are you a lesbian?’

I think about that question every day.

I think that the reason that I am doing this memoir is that I wanted to give this book to a wide audience.

I wanted people to read it and then come away thinking about the world in which I was raised and what it means to be lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

My hope is that it will inspire other people to want to share their experiences, to want the same kind of access to a story that I had, to the same sort of visibility that I have had.

And I think I’ve succeeded at that, because it’s been so gratifying.

The book is already sold out, McUlhane told ABC News.

There are a lot of amazing stories in this book, and you’re going to hear some really inspiring things.