Vanderbilt bookstore to close for the year

Vanderbilt, Tennessee’s Christian bookstore, is closing for the 2014-15 academic year because of its deteriorating finances.

Vanderbilt Bookstore’s parent company, The Gospel Coalition, has also announced that it is ending its partnership with Lifeway Christian Resources, which manages the nonprofit.

Both of these entities are owned by The Gospel Alliance, a nonprofit founded by the late televangelist Billy Graham.

The organization is focused on Christian education, helping children in rural areas and churches in developing countries.

The Gospel Council has more than 2,000 affiliates in 180 countries, according to its website.

Vanguard Christian Resources owns several stores, including the University Bookstore in Nashville, and Fau Bookstore on campus.

The company has been struggling financially since 2010, when it was forced to sell more than 200 of its stores, according the Nashville Business Journal.

The company also suffered a significant decline in sales during the Great Recession.

Vernon County, Tennessee, passed a law last month that would require a two-thirds vote to end the business.

The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled last month against the county, which argued that the legislation was necessary to protect the public health and safety of the community.

In March, a federal judge in Nashville ruled that the law violated the First Amendment.

The law passed by the state legislature was sponsored by the Republican-controlled Legislature.

The law also prohibits the county from allowing the nonprofit to collect sales tax, and prohibits any other entity that manages or operates a nonprofit from collecting sales tax.

The group is seeking a preliminary injunction against the law, which it called “an unconstitutional overreach of government authority.”

The Nashville-based nonprofit has operated since 2010 in the city of Nashville, which is about 40 miles west of Nashville.

The nonprofit has about 8,500 members in Nashville and about 5,500 across the state.

It is funded primarily through donations.

The Gospel Coalition said it was planning to close its five remaining Nashville locations, which are located in the City of Nashville and in Nashville’s downtown.

The group plans to close about two dozen stores in the state and has plans to build another four in the coming years, said John Holmstrom, the group’s president.

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