‘Mystery Bookstore’: ‘It’s a Mystery, We’re Just in It for the Fun of It’

A mystery bookstore opened last year in suburban Illinois.

The owner says he wants to make a “big splash” and hopes to attract customers from all over the world.

“Mystery Books are for people that have a mystery in them,” said owner Dan Stitt, who has been selling books for years in his local town of Warren, Illinois.

“I just think it’s a little more fun to tell a story that’s just a little bit more unique.”

“I think a mystery bookstore is a great thing,” he added.

Stitt has been running a bookstore in Warren since 2013, and he says he plans to open another in the coming months.

The mystery books at Mystery Books are mostly fiction, but some of the books include romance, historical fiction, science fiction and other types of books.

The store will be open seven days a week, and each book will be delivered to customers in a special envelope.

Mystery Books also sells books on the Web for a price that is similar to a conventional bookstore.

“You can find books for under $2, so we’ll be selling some books for $10 a pop,” Stitt said.

“We’re trying to do it all for the fun of it.”

Stitt says he hopes to have a store in the Twin Cities area by the end of this year.

He says he’s already received an email from a buyer in the Minneapolis area who is interested in buying books for Mystery Books.

“They are so excited,” he said.

Stith says the mystery books are not only fun to read, but they are also unique.

“It’s about finding the most amazing and mysterious stories,” he told Newsweek.

“When I tell people I do these books, they often say, ‘That’s crazy.

How can you sell this?’

I have to say, that’s what it’s all about.”