New York City Light Books will sell out on April 30

New York, NY (BUSINESS WIRE) – New York Light Books, the first bookstore dedicated to digital books, is coming to the City Lights bookstore in Berkeley, CA.

The store, which opened in November, will open on April 28.

The space has been refurbished and will feature a more traditional bookstore layout, with books displayed in a modern, open format, according to New York’s press release.

The City Lights, which is located at 714 Market Street, Berkeley, is one of Berkeley’s newest and most successful digital bookstores.

The store opened in March and will be open for a limited time through April 28, offering over 30 digital titles in addition to its traditional selection of hardcovers and trade paperbacks.

The Berkeley store is a second location for New York Lights, and will also sell titles by other authors, including authors who live in the Bay Area.

The Berkeley store will be staffed by an experienced team of curators and editors who have been at New York for two years, the press release said.

New York Lights will be a new bookstore for New Yorkers, and the company will have to find new tenants to support the space.

New York Times bestselling author Julia MacLean, who will be the first person to open the Berkeley store, will be working on several books at the Berkeley location.

She will also be working with the company’s editor in chief to help curate titles for the Berkeley book store.

“We are very excited to open this store, and it is also our hope to be a source of inspiration for others to build digital book collections in the city,” New York LIGHT Books CEO Nick Bresnan said in a statement.

“Berkeley is the perfect city for this project, with great literary scenes and an abundant library system.”

Berkeley will host an exhibition on May 22 featuring works by local authors, and New York will be hosting a launch event for the new book store in late May.

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