‘I’ve got a job for you’

A woman who has been on a hunger strike for four days has told her store owner she will not be allowed to reopen after a court order to stop her shop.

The shop is located in a warehouse on a shopping centre in Adelaide’s west, about 100 kilometres north of Adelaide, and is run by a group of people who are part of the Unemployed Workers’ Network (UWNT).

The group of activists are protesting for a fair deal for workers in the area and have also been protesting for two weeks.

A statement issued by the store owner said the group had been told that they could not reopen until they agreed to stop working.

“This morning the store manager informed the group that the store would be closed until further notice because they were refusing to comply with the court order,” it said.

“In doing so, she stated that she would not be able to reopen for the duration of the trial.”

The store’s website is still available but the UWNT says they are unable to contact the shop owner to confirm when it is reopened.

“It has been a very difficult week for the group as they have been unable to communicate with the store,” the statement said.

The store owner did not respond to requests for comment.UWNS spokesman Peter Kelly said the shop was operating as usual.

“The store is open as usual and we’ve been receiving a steady stream of support,” he said.

“We’re all in support of the store, we just need to make sure that we get through this period of time.”UWN members have been on hunger strike since Monday, demanding fair treatment and compensation for the workers who are owed wages, benefits and health insurance.


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