New York City Booksellers to Host ‘Book of the Week’ at Their Locations

New York’s Book of the Day program has a big new partner this week.

The city’s two largest bookstores are planning to host weekly “Book of The Week” events in their respective locations.

Book of The Day events have been available for the last several months at locations across New York, including Barnes & Noble and Book Depository in Chelsea, as well as the Brooklyn Book Exchange.

Book Depositories in Brooklyn and Barnes & Nobles in Brooklyn will be hosting weekly “book of the week” events at their locations this fall, the bookstore said in a press release. 

“Book of [the Week] events will bring together readers and sellers to discuss books, events, and topics,” the release said.

“We look forward to seeing you on the streets and at the library!”

The event will feature a wide variety of vendors including independent booksellers, large bookselling chains, and online retailers.

It will also include a live auction. 

The New York Bookseller’s Association said in the press release that bookseller organizations in New York and around the country are eager to partner with the program. 

Book of “the week” event organizers in New Jersey, Florida, New Hampshire, and California said in an email that the bookstores will host weekly events with speakers and speakers of interest. 

Readers of the book should attend the book of the day event in order to receive the coveted “Book Of The Week Award.”

The awards will be awarded to a bookseller who is nominated by readers, and the winner will receive a cash prize of up to $1,000, the association said. 

For more information, visit the Book of “The Week” website.

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