Which Denver Bookstore Is The Best?

NCC Bookstore in Denver, the best of the bunch, is the one that makes me think of a great wine bar.

The store is small and intimate, with a beautiful courtyard outside and the bar itself is decorated in the same rustic style as a local art gallery.

It’s a good place to have a quick bite, have a beer or two and pick up some books.

If you can’t find the books in the store, try one of the nearby coffee shops and wine bars, such as the Pico Pico, the Caffe Latina, or the Piedmont Wine Cellars.

The prices are reasonable and the books are available to rent, which is a nice perk when you’re stuck with a heavy workload and need to save.

If your budget is tight, try the bookstore’s other specialty: coffee shops.

You can grab a latte at the counter or order a drink from the bar.

There’s even a free Wi-Fi hotspot in the bar area.

If all else fails, take a seat at the bar and enjoy some reading.

NCC Books in Denver is located at 623 E. Colorado Ave., Denver, CO 80219.

The bookstore’s website is nccbookstores.com.