What happens when you mix an old bookstore with a new bookstore?

A few years ago, I bought a used bookstore at the corner of Central Avenue and Monroe Street in Syracuse.

It was a nice little bookstore, with the name of an old building, but it wasn’t the type of bookstore that you’d want to hang out in a large part of town.

There wasn’t any signage on the door that said “Syracuse University Bookstore.”

But it had a name: Syracuse University Bookshop.

And that’s what we ended up doing.

We had this idea to put on an event called Syracuse University, a new bookshop that was opening in the area, and that became a sort of springboard for other things we were doing, like the Syracuse University Library.

And then we had this new, sort of pop-up bookstore, where we were trying to create a space for students and faculty to hangout.

It became a kind of an incubator for us.

So the idea of having a bookstore, or a bookstore with bookstores, and an incubation space, all rolled into one, is kind of the core of the idea behind it.

And, of course, there are bookstores everywhere.

But in this particular space, we wanted to do something that was different.

We wanted to create an environment where we didn’t have to be surrounded by bookstores and have to wait for someone to open.

So that’s how we ended the bookshop.

We were just sort of like, “Okay, what’s our vision for this space?”

So, it’s been great.

We have a really wonderful staff, and we’ve done a really good job.

I mean, this has been really great for us and has been a great place to be.

But now, we’ve had a couple of things happen.

First of all, the bookstores started to open, and I guess a lot of people kind of get lost in the shuffle when it comes to bookstores.

But a lot more people have come to the bookstore than I ever expected.

So, the whole concept of having multiple locations, it just kind of caught on.

And we’ve got a lot going on at the bookstore.

We’re in the process of opening another space, and then we’re also expanding.

So there’s a lot to do.

But we’ve been very fortunate, and have been able to put a lot into this space.

And it’s really, really nice.

But it’s not what we envisioned, and it’s definitely not what I would want to do, but that’s the nature of a startup.

You always want to expand.

We’ve had some great success, and a lot has happened.

But what we really want to be doing is continuing to grow the business and expand, and the bookstore will continue to be part of that.

So I think that’s really the biggest thing for me right now.

We really want our bookstore to be a great experience for the community, and as long as we can maintain the integrity of that, it will be good.

And the bookstore can grow, and do what it does, and keep the bookstore going.

So we’ll continue to do that, and there’s always room for us to grow.

But I think what’s really been cool about the book business is that we’ve really seen it explode over the last couple of years.

I think the internet is the biggest change we’ve seen in the book world.

The number of people who have purchased a book has gone up, the number of books in circulation has gone down.

And I think it’s going to continue to grow, because so many people are going to buy books online, and so many more people are reading books online.

So what I want to see happen is, more people start reading books in bookstores now.

I want people to start reading more books in the bookstore, and more people will be buying books.

But, I don’t think that is what we wanted.

We kind of imagined that it was a kind-of niche space, where you would go to buy a book and then you would buy something else.

But actually, it has turned into a kind sort of a kindlier, more inclusive space, more accessible to everyone.

And people are coming into it with a lot different needs, and they’re finding a lot, so it’s kind of just a new place for them.

So you can see that there’s really a lot happening, and maybe it’s time to say, “Wait a minute.

We don’t want to take our time with it.

Let’s really see how this can work out.”

So, if you are a member of the book community, let’s really get to know this bookstore.

I know there are some great things happening there.

And if you’re a member, let me know.

I’d love to talk to you.

Thank you for listening.