Which books will people be reading in 2017?

A year after Donald Trump’s election victory, the number of books published in the United States has plunged by more than 70% as a result of the crisis.

The books have been replaced by political statements, sensationalist news stories and social distancing, said Matthew Pyle, author of the book The New Great American Book.

The book, which he has written with fellow American writer Daniel Kline, is set to be released on September 17.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Pyle said he had written the book with the aim of showing how Americans have lost their way.

“It is an overdue book for us to get this book out,” Pyle told Al Jazeera.

“The world is so divided and divided in many ways.

We need to get together, as Americans, and say, ‘Let’s get this back together.'”

The book has been described as “a political and intellectual manifesto” and as “the American book that people want to read”.

In the US, the total number of published books has dropped by 80% to 7,093,918.

That’s a 20% drop since January, according to the publisher.

The figure for the UK is the same, with a fall of 43%.

The total number in the US is 2,966,898, and the UK has 1,947,742.

“There is an enormous divide between the US and Britain,” Pyles told Al, pointing to the fact that in the UK, books about political and social events are still being published.

“We don’t have a book on the British election because there is no one to write about it,” he said.

The US book market, which has been in decline for years, is expected to continue to shrink.

Pyle believes that this could result in the books we buy disappearing, and he said he wanted to do something about it.

“I think there are a lot of books out there that are just not being read, not being bought, and that is very sad,” he told Al.

“If we can’t get a book out there, we are not going to have a lot to read.”

The US has had a series of wars since the 1970s, and has been deeply divided since Trump was elected in November.

Trump’s first speech after winning the presidency was to declare a war on drugs, saying it is a war against drug dealers and criminals.

Since then, more than 6,000 people have died in the war on opioids, according the latest numbers from the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The crisis has affected the whole country, said Pyle.

“Our economy is already struggling, the jobs are going to disappear,” he added.

“This is an issue that affects us all.”

Pyle has previously written books about the Great Depression, the civil rights movement and the Occupy Wall Street protests.

“A year ago, I was on the brink of tears,” he wrote on Facebook.

“My country was going through its darkest period since the Great Recession.”

Pileys book is titled The New Greatest American Book, which is set in the year 2035.

“For now, this is our year of hope and change,” he explained.

“With all that has happened, I hope it will help to create some of that change and to make the world a better place for everyone.”

Al Jazeera’s Richard Galpin, reporting from New York, said it was a year that saw a “massive” drop in book sales.

“What happened in 2016 was a lot worse than what happened in 2017,” he noted.

“As a result, the books that are sold in the marketplace are now less likely to be read and read more often.”

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