How to book the best bookstores in Washington DC

By David M. Loyard and Karen HannonThe best booksellers in Washington D.C. have become increasingly elusive in recent years, with the exception of the National Book Foundation’s list of the best independent bookstores.

But a new survey conducted by The Washington Times and Bookscan, a Washington-based bookseller data service, suggests that the best-kept secrets in town are still being shared.

While the number of bookstores has declined over the years, some are still thriving.

There are more than 1,100 independents in the DC metro area, up from 1,000 in 2013.

The Washington Independent Booksellers Association, which represents booksellors in the area, lists about 250 bookstores that are open at least part of the year.

In the DC area, there are more independents than any other metro area.

And many of those independents operate on a shoestring budget, making them less dependent on government support and, in many cases, the support of the book’s publisher.

But while the number and quality of independent booksellings have decreased, the number is still growing.

There is one bookstore in every five neighborhoods, according to Bookscan.

The number of independents in every DC metro region is up nearly 35 percent over the past 10 years, the survey found.

The region also has more independents per capita than any metro area in the country.

The DC area is home to more independents in general than any U.S. metropolitan area.

“This is probably the strongest trend of all in the United States,” said Tim Krumholz, co-founder of Bookscan and the study’s lead author.

The survey, which asked more than 300 people what they love about their local bookstores, found that the top reasons for visits to independent bookshops in DC are the variety of local authors, authors who sell books online and authors with a local focus.

“When you’re in a community, and you have a lot of diverse people that have a passion for the books that you like, it makes you feel like you’re part of a community,” said Hannon, who is also an author.

“I think that’s why people have been so drawn to independent stores.”

Krumholgos bookstores are usually in more commercial districts of the city, such as Georgetown, which is about two hours north of the District.

“We’ve been in a very diverse area that’s been pretty underserved by traditional bookstores,” Krum, said.

“But now that we’re able to serve all of our community and have all of those authors and authors selling in all of these different communities, I think it’s just really exciting.”

For example, Krum’s Bookscan stores serve a diverse range of readers: non-fiction authors, children, women, LGBTQ, and even adults, Kramholz said.

But in terms of the variety and quality, he said, it is still hard to choose one of those.

“The fact that there are so many people of color is just really interesting, because they’re not really being represented,” he said.

Krum’s stores also offer writers opportunities to get work published.

He has been able to offer the author the chance to work on their books, a process that has allowed many writers to get their first published book.

“It’s a little bit different than a traditional publishing model,” he added.

But Krum also has found that his stores are often overlooked by the local community, Kromholz noted.

“I think we’ve had some really good authors that have been coming to bookstores and just saying, ‘I love reading this book.

This book is really interesting and it’s really fun.

I want to write about it,'” he said.”

I think it just speaks to the community that’s so loyal and so supportive of books.”

The survey also found that a wide variety of independent bookstore patrons can be found in DC.

There were more than 200 independents in Washington metro area overall in the survey, but only about 30 of those were in the areas closest to DC.

Krum Holz and Hannon said that this could be due to the fact that DC is a larger market than many other metro areas.

But the survey also identified other areas where bookstores can be particularly strong.

In Arlington, which includes Arlington, Bethesda, and Arlington County, the DC Independent Bookstores Association lists more than 100 bookstores for readers to visit, including a local bookstore called A Book to Read, which serves the area’s homeless.

In Arlington, there’s a local bookshop called the Bookstore on the Square.

And in Alexandria, Virginia, a bookshop, The Bookshop at St. James, sells books about the Civil War and other events.

But there’s also a new trend in the bookstores: independent book shops catering to LGBTQ readers.

That includes the new bookshop in the nation’s capital known as Bookclub.

Owner and publisher of Bookclub, Lauren Ewing, said that book

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