Gmu bookstore owner tells of being threatened with death for speaking out on ‘suicide cult’

A bookseller in a northern Chinese city who is accused of being part of a cult that was responsible for the death of his wife has spoken about the intimidation and violence he suffered.

In a series of Facebook posts published by the local media, Wu Jianxia said that in 2013, while travelling with his wife, he and her family were attacked by a group of five people who were dressed in paramilitary outfits, threatening him and his wife.

“After the incident, they made fun of me and my family, calling us prostitutes, and said that I could not be trusted,” Wu said.

“They also said that we would die, if I spoke out against their beliefs.”

I tried to defend myself by telling them I had no money, but they would not let me go.

I thought they would beat me up.

“Wu was attacked in an alleyway and suffered serious injuries including a fractured shoulder, a cracked skull and internal bleeding.

He said the attackers then threatened him with death.”

In the past two months, I have been seriously injured and I have had to undergo a total operation to remove several scars on my body,” he wrote.”

As a result, I can’t bear the thought of losing my job.”‘

Suicide cults are not normal’Since the incident last year, Wu’s wife has been hospitalized with a brain injury, and he is currently unable to work because of the complications of his injuries.

Wu said that he was also subjected to threats during the police investigation into his wife’s death.

He told the newspaper that when he was arrested, he was interrogated for more than 30 hours.”

Wang Zhongyuan, another bookseller who also was subjected to the threats, said the police have not yet been able to explain what led them to suspect him.””

They were trying to kill me.”

Wang Zhongyuan, another bookseller who also was subjected to the threats, said the police have not yet been able to explain what led them to suspect him.

“Police have asked me to give them the phone number of my wife’s family and the address of my home, but I am still unable to,” he told the paper.

“What is more disturbing is that they have threatened to kill the couple and even to take their children away.”

A group of six members of the so-called “suicide group” were arrested in October.

They have been charged with kidnapping, killing, assault and assaulting police officers.

Police have not commented on the allegations against the group.

Wang said he has no idea why the police officers have not taken action against the perpetrators of the murders.

“Some of them seem to think that the police will not arrest them, so they have not done anything,” he added.

The police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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