How to make a New Orleans bookstore an institution


— The most famous bookseller in New Orleans is finally getting the love he deserves from a local literary institution that has long admired him.

Former New Orleans Mayor Edwin “Doc” Dodson announced on Monday that his bookstore, Liberty Bookshop, will open in downtown Orleans next month, along with a bookstore in the old French Quarter neighborhood.

Dodson, who served as mayor from 1976 to 1981, had been looking for a bookstore to take over a property he bought in the former French Quarter district that housed the Louisiana Department of Corrections, and his former library, and he had been trying to find a home for his collection of books and papers.

“Doc had been working to open a bookstore for years and he was finally able to open one, which is something he had hoped for for years,” Liberty Bookseller owner Mark DeCicco told The Associated Press.

Liberty Bookshop is a bookshop and a library.

The building is about a half-mile from the French Quarter’s famous Bourbon Street and is home to a bookstore and a book store called The Book, a bookstore that’s about to open.

It will be the first bookshop in New York City.

Numerous literary and publishing houses have expressed interest in buying the space.

In April, the Literary Arts Council of New Orleans and the American Booksellers Association announced plans to buy the property for $50 million.

DeCicos publisher’s plans for Liberty Book Shop were also a part of a deal to buy an old French-designed building in the Old Quarter that had housed the state library, where it has been a bookstore since 1976.

The library was renovated in the 1980s and opened in 1993, after a six-year renovation by Dodson and his son, Edwin, the former mayor, and the new mayor’s sister, Marissa.

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