How to Buy in Mumbai’s Tufts Bookstore

A visit to the Tufts bookstore in Mumbai may prove to be the most expensive way to buy books in India, especially if you’re from the southern state of Kerala.

According to bookseller and author Gaurav Jha, bookselling in Mumbai is more expensive than in any other part of India. 

His books have sold for as much as $50 in India.

“People who have a budget of Rs 2,000 are buying books in the Tuft’s bookstore, but they are not paying a very good price,” said Jha.

“Even in Kolkata, there is a bookshop that sells books for Rs 10,000.

It is the same with other places.”

According to Jha’s books, prices in Mumbai are as follows:The price for a first edition of a Hindi novel will range between Rs 1,500 and Rs 2.25 lakh.

The price of a second edition is Rs 3,500 to Rs 4.25,000, and the price of an add-on is Rs 6,500-7,500. 

The bookseller says there are a lot of “very good” books in Bombay, including his own. 

“There is no one who does not love his Indian books,” said the author.

“I buy a book every year, and I am always very happy with it.

I love to buy it and sell it.” 

Jha is a Mumbai-based author.

His books have been translated into five languages. 

 Jainism, a Hindu philosophy that he describes as “the only religion that has no religion at all”, is also an integral part of his religion.

Jha says he has had to take the “principle” of Jainism to an extreme, but he has learnt that even though the practice has its detractors, it is worth it.

“If you take Jain philosophy seriously, it’s the only religion in the world that has a no religion.

No other religion has a religion.

That is why, in the past, I have taken this practice to an absolute extreme.” 

For his part, Jha is happy that his books have found a wide audience. 

Jhal, who is from Mumbai, is not only the author of a book about his life in Kerala, but also a Tamil poet, writer and lecturer.

He also has two children.

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