A new era of cricket with a new set of rules

LCCC’s Cricket Council will announce its next major overhaul of cricket in the next few months, after a number of new rules were introduced in a bid to keep cricket on track.

The new rules are expected to be unveiled in March and will see players in the lower division banned from playing any match for a maximum of three days.

Cricket fans will be expecting the introduction of a more lenient form of selection, as well as a change in the structure of the Australian team.

There will also be an increase in the number of Test matches from 20 to 24 in the domestic and international competitions.

The change will be announced alongside a new batting order and new batting line-up.

Currently, the first four Test matches of a year are played at home, with the last four to be played away from home.

Newly appointed Cricket Australia chief executive Brian Kelly said the changes were necessary to “move forward” in the game.

“The game needs to move forward in a new and exciting way,” he said.

“This new system is about providing certainty and allowing teams to focus on playing cricket and competing for the title.

I’m sure fans will embrace it and appreciate the hard work that has gone into making it happen.”

A new set in place will see teams play 16-20 overs cricket at home and away from their home ground in the first week of April.

While the number and format of Tests will be the same, the format will be expanded.

A three-day Test series will now feature three Tests and three ODIs.

In addition to the new Test format, the ICC will also change the format of the Twenty20 tournament, allowing a maximum 32 players to take part.

Players from the lower divisions will also have their home county limited to five overs, with no more than six players in each innings.

It will also see the format change to two Test matches played at the home ground, with a maximum three players taking part. 

“This is a major step forward in cricket as it sets a new standard for the game and ensures players and fans are getting the best possible cricket experience for the foreseeable future,” said Cricket Australia’s chief executive, Brian Kelly.

“With a new system in place, we will be able to take the game forward in an even more exciting way, with exciting new players and teams competing for a World Cup spot.”

Cricketing Australia chief operations officer James Dutton said the change would provide fans with a “new way to watch cricket” while the organisation will continue to build its infrastructure to support the game as it prepares for a 2019 World Cup.

More to come.

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