When the Bible said that God gave birth to Noah, it wasn’t just a religious allegory. It was actually the first known record of human life on earth, according to the bible.In a new

in the journal Nature, a team of scientists, historians and theologians has written that Noah’s birth was recorded as early as 2,500 years ago, and that the biblical record of his birth is the oldest known record for a human life in the universe.

The story of Noah and his family was a story about a race of giants who lived on a desert island called Arkadia.

These people built a raft and built a city on the shores of a lake, a story that inspired the biblical story of Adam and Eve.

The Arkadia story of the giants, or Noah’s family, was told in the Book of Genesis, which was written more than 10,000 years ago by Adam and Noah, and was the first book written about the Flood, an apocalyptic event that wiped out millions of people.

The researchers, led by the archaeologist and biblical scholar Peter Firth of the University of Oxford, say they believe the Arkadia account is accurate and that Noah was born there.

“The Arkadians tell us that Noah and all the people who built the raft, the city and all of the things around Arkadia were born there, and the Arkadian narrative of Noah’s birthplace was actually very old,” said Firth.

“We know that it dates to around 2,700 years ago and it is the earliest known record.”

Firth, a senior fellow in biblical studies at Oxford, and his colleagues examined the archaeological remains of Arkadia, the site where the flood happened.

They also looked at the fossil record of the time.

“In the archaeological record, we know that the flood was a catastrophic event, and we have some fairly robust evidence that it was one of the biggest natural disasters of the history of Earth,” Firth said.

“So it was really a big event in human history, and this is one of those cases where there is not a great deal of archaeological evidence that can tell us what happened.”

The Arkadians claim that the Arkadian story was written around 2.5 million years ago.

The earliest record of Noah, however, dates to about 2,300 years ago (before the Flood).

The team also looked for evidence of human activity on Arkadia and discovered what it says is evidence of humans living in the region at the time of the Flood.

The team analysed the archaeological records of several sites in the area, including two settlements that were built around 2 million years before the Flood and at one site about 1.3 million years later.

They found the earliest evidence of people living in these two settlements.

“This evidence of living in a new settlement in Arkadia is really interesting,” said co-author Simon Fraser of the Natural History Museum.

“There was evidence of farming in that area and that seems to have been abandoned after the Flood,” Fraser added.

“You might have found evidence of the first settlers moving in.

They’re quite well-preserved now.”

The team found that there are at least four settlement sites that are consistent with Noah’s story, including one that dates to between 2,000 and 2,600 years ago on Arkadai’s west bank.

The research team found at least six archaeological sites in Arkadoi, including a series of settlements that date to between 1.8 million and 2.6 million years old.

Firth said the archaeological evidence suggested Noah was likely born on Arkadi.

“I think that is the most likely scenario for him to have lived on Arkady, and I think that fits very well with the archaeological finds,” he said.

Futh said that if Noah was the father of all people on Arkadicah, he was probably the best-known of the three founders.

“What we’ve found is that the story of his father’s life is a pretty extraordinary story, so you have to give credit to him for inventing the story and for writing it,” he explained.

“When you think of all the stories that we have about Noah, he has to be considered as the most important.”

And he is also the only person in the story who actually survives the flood.

“Futh is the co-director of the Noah Arkadija project and co-wrote a book on the history and archaeology of Arkadia.

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