“Curious” books: How to discover a new favorite

Curious books are the next great wave of book reading, and the first book to make a huge splash at the convention, The Library of Congress has announced.

For the next several days, more than 600,000 books will be available in public places, but many will be tucked away in the libraries and bookshops that line the country’s borders.

The public will be able to browse and buy books, learn more about the books, and even get an autograph from the author.

There are about 1.5 million books in the library’s holdings, which are made up of a vast collection of manuscripts, books and manuscripts, photographs and other materials, from the early 1600s to the present day.

The collection is part of the Library of Americana, a nonprofit institution dedicated to preserving the nation’s collections.

Library of Congress Director of Public Affairs and Programs Laura E. Smith said this week that the books at the national level will be in high demand.

Smith said that books from the last decade and a half will be the “next big wave” of books to hit the shelves at the nation, which includes more than 2 million books that will be up for grabs.

She said she expects to see new books that are “entertaining, interesting, educational, funny, poignant, and engaging.”

The Library of America has a large catalog of new books from around the world, including books by David Foster Wallace, Stephen King, James Patterson, William Styron and others.

Smith also announced that books on the National Park Service will be made available at the Capitol, including more than 200 books from that agency, along with several books from other national parks.

The Library will be offering a collection of over 300,000 National Park Services books, she said.

Smith, in a conference call with reporters on Friday, also announced new books in her public library and bookstore programs.

Among them are a “Great Book Club” featuring books by Michael Chabon, Philip Roth and others, along and from “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and a “Maggie’s Book Club,” which includes books by Amy Tan and others by Jennifer Egan.

Smith described the book clubs as “an opportunity for people to connect with their own personal books, a chance for people who love books to find and discover them, a way to find new friends, and more.”

She said there will also be an “interactive book-buying experience” at the library.

Smith did not reveal which books are in the bookshelf, but said that there will be at least 10 titles at the Library that are in stock.

She also said that she hopes to see more books on exhibit at the public libraries, with the aim of encouraging people to browse, and buy and read.

“We’re going to continue to make the Library a place where people can share books and explore them and share their own stories,” she said, adding that she’s looking forward to seeing the collections at the National Mall.