Tech store opens in DC – ABC News

DC-based tech store Umkc Bookstores will open its first shop in the United States on Saturday, November 3.

The bookstore will be located in the DC area and is being funded by an undisclosed source.

The opening is part of a $1.2 billion US push to build digital publishing infrastructure in the US.

The initiative, which aims to support more than 10,000 digital publishing companies, was announced at the UN Sustainable Development Summit on November 1.

The retailer has already opened a store in Baltimore and a second in Portland, Oregon.

It has also opened a number of digital bookstores in New York and Boston.

In a statement, Umkca Bookstores said: “We are excited to welcome a new chapter in our history.

This is the start of a new, dynamic chapter in the life of our community, the local community, and the world.”