Which college bookstore is your favorite to visit?

A few weeks ago, we published a list of our favorite college bookstore, but we were also asked to add a new category.

We wanted to share our favorite bookstore for anyone looking for a new bookstore to visit, or to try out the bookstore for the first time.

So we went back to our archives to look at the top ten most visited colleges and universities in the United States in 2015. 

Of course, some of the choices were based on personal preference, so we made some changes to make it more comprehensive.

We also tried to add new book titles to the list, as well as some new categories.

We hope you enjoy the list and the rankings. 

Top 10 Most Visited Colleges and Universities in the U.S. 2015 Rank Name of the book (or website) Number of books in the list 1 Harvard University – Harvard Bookstore 10.2 2 Princeton University – Princeton Bookstore 3.9 3 University of Connecticut – The Bookstore at the Ivy League 3.7 4 University at Buffalo – University Bookstore in Buffalo, NY 3,9 5 Harvey Mudd College – The New School Bookstore 4.1 6 University College London – The Oxford Bookshop 4.0 7 Masters College – New College Bookstore  3.5 8 University Hospitals Case Medical Center – Hospitals Bookshop 3.2  9 University Of Florida – The Florida Bookstore 3.0  10 Indiana University – The University Bookshop 3 (tie) University Park College of Ohio – The Ohio Bookstore – The book was published in 2009. 

(source: FoxSports.com) (Source: Fox Sports) 10 Harvest House College – Harvester College Bookshop (tie) 4.2  University At Buffalo Bookstore (tie 2.5)  (2.5-1.9) 11 UCLA Bookstore- UCLA Bookstore 2.6 (4.5 – 1.9;tie 3.3) 12 Harper College Book Store – Harper College BookStore 3.0  11th Annual New York Book Festival  3 (tie 1.8) 13 Barnes & Noble Bookstore and Barnesville Bookstore  (tie 1-1) 14 Barns & Noble (1.5;tie 2-1;tie 1) 15 Barnses (5.0 – 3.7;tie 6.9-11.1)  16 Barnsey’s (1.3;tie 4.4)

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