Tamu bookstore to open next month

Tamu is set to open its doors next month in the heart of Sydney’s Chinatown and the first bookshop in Australia to do so, the Brown Bookshop, will open at the venue.

The new bookstore is part of a $250 million redevelopment plan that will see more than 100 bookstores and restaurants open across Sydney, the inner west and the north.

Tamu’s move to the CBD has been praised by the Brown’s owners, and has attracted the interest of more than a dozen international booksellers, including the author Kate Beaton, who plans to launch a bookshop at the former Sydney Opera House.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our work and expand the Tamu brand internationally,” said Tamu founder and managing director Tim Langer.

“There are a lot of things happening in Sydney right now, and Tamu has become the perfect gateway for us, and the Brown has been an excellent partner in bringing Tamu to Sydney.”

The Brown Bookstore has been established by the owners of the Tamui shop in Newtown and Tamui Gallery in the City of Sydney, which closed in 2015.

The Tamu Gallery is a cultural heritage site, and Mr Langer said it was important to “celebrate” the Tamuli heritage of the Brown and the Tamulu Gallery in particular.

“Tamu is one of our oldest and most famous businesses in Sydney, and it’s important that Tamu continue to flourish,” he said.

“With this opening, we’re going to give Tamu a new lease of life in the CBD.”

In December, Tamu opened its second shop in the city, and a third in the outer suburbs.

“We’re very excited to open Tamu at the Brown,” Mr Lager said.

The Brown is expected to open in early 2018.