UAH bookstore opens to help students, faculty and staff struggling with PTSD

By DAVID RICHARDSONUASHIMAPosted Feb 01, 2017 04:17:55 The University of Alabama bookstore is the first bookstore in the nation to open to assist students and faculty in dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The opening of the University of Alaska Anchorage bookstore on Jan. 2 is part of a new initiative by the university that provides resources and support for students and their families as they navigate the challenges of PTSD.

The bookstore is part, in part, of the new campus mental health initiative.

The UAA Office of Academic and Student Affairs, which runs the bookstore, is helping students with mental health issues and provides counseling.

“It’s not about me or my family,” said Kaleb Darnell, a sophomore at the University.

“It’s about all the people who need this help.”

Darnell said he has been dealing with PTSD for several years and is currently enrolled in the first semester of his sophomore year.

He said he struggled with it for years, especially in college.

He also suffers from bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety, and said he felt isolated from others in the campus community.

“I’m not the most articulate person, but I can talk a little bit,” Darnel said.

“I feel like I need someone to talk to me and I need somebody to help me.”

He also has PTSD and a number of other issues, and has tried to seek help from counselors.

His college counselor said he was struggling to deal with PTSD and had no interest in counseling him.

“My counselor is very clear that he doesn’t want to hear about this stuff,” Dernell said.

“The counselor said that he’s heard about the issues with PTSD, but he didn’t know how to go about it,” Dennell said, adding that he did not want to give the counselor his name.

Darnel is currently taking classes at the university library.

He hopes to complete his freshman year of college in May and then transfer to another university.

He has been in the hospital three times for various medical conditions and said that it was not possible for him to get to a different institution without going to the University for counseling.

The university said that the bookstore will offer counseling and help with supplies for students, staff and faculty, but that it will not provide financial support.

The University also is planning a website to connect students with resources and information.

“We are taking this step because we feel like we can’t continue to be silent about the many people who struggle with this issue,” said UAA Chancellor Mike Evers.

“Our bookstore will provide support to students, as well as the broader community.

It will provide the resources that we need to get through these difficult times.”

The bookstore will also offer free library cards to students.

Students, faculty, and staff at the UAH campus will receive free library card to use at UAH libraries and campus businesses, including the UAA Library.

The store will open at 1 p.m.

Wednesday and run until 8 p.x, when the doors close.

UAH faculty and students will also be able to use the library card during regular business hours.

“As students and educators, we know the importance of supporting our students,” said Evers, in a statement.

“The UAH store will be an excellent resource to help them navigate the transition and get to the university on time, safe, and with as little disruption as possible.

The support we have already provided students, our faculty and our staff with is invaluable.”

In addition to counseling, the bookstore has a computer lab and computer lab, a medical library, a bookstore, and a learning center.

Students can also get supplies like snacks and pens and other supplies.

The UAA bookstore will serve students who have been through a lot.

In fact, students who are struggling with anxiety and depression are often the first to be referred to the store, Evers said.

In recent months, more than 2,000 students and staff have been referred to this bookstore, he said.

It is hoped that the store will help students and those who struggle manage their mental health in the long run, Ever said.

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