S.C. Bookstores to Celebrate the Book of Mormon at Its 100th Anniversary

S.CCU bookstore, located at the corner of Columbia and Interstate 25, will celebrate its 100th anniversary in the fall. 

“We are proud to have a bookstore that has been a model of excellence in our community,” said S. C. Bookstore president Michael T. McCurdy. 

The bookstore, which opened in 1956, has been the center of local Christian life for over 40 years. 

Its dedication to the Book has been well-known since it opened, with the Church’s first mission in the neighborhood in 1961. 

Towards the end of 2017, the store was purchased by the Church and its mission was moved to the campus of the University of South Carolina at Columbia, where it has remained since. 

According to McCurdy, the bookstore is the largest bookstore in South Carolina and is the oldest Christian bookstore in the state. 

S.C., like most South Carolinians, is home to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which began as a small congregation in South Bend, Indiana. 

It is a relatively small church, with about 50,000 members. 

Members of the Church also congregate in other areas of the state, including South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri. 

In addition to its traditional mission, S. Carolina is home for the Church to which the book was originally written. 

Over the years, the Church has expanded the mission of its South Carolina mission, including serving as an intermediary for local missionaries in countries like Ghana, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda. 

However, in recent years, members have been encouraged to focus on more traditional missions, like the Church missions in North America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. 

A large portion of the store’s proceeds support the S. Church in the Global South, a project to build churches in South Korea, India, China, Japan and other countries. 

As of now, the SCCU Bookstore will be open seven days a week. 

For more information about the SCCC bookstore, call 604-292-1260.